Fine salad dressing
Thirty years ago, in Austin (Texas), it was born a product of superior quality, the salad sauce that grows to become one of the most famous brands in the world: Briannas. Named in homage to the owner’s daughter, Marianne, and to the grandson Brian, the fine Briannas salad sauces have peculiar and hallucinating flavour, for they are produced homely and in small lots, beyond the massive attention to their quality. Quality which is tested and proven through numerous awards received by Briannas from the packing to the exceptional taste of its products. There is nothing artificial added: not even monosodic glutamate (MSG) or chemical products! Only fresh ingredients and canola oil, which is healthy for the heart. Briannas brings great variety of flavours with the most sophisticated ingredients that give that special touch to your salad. With Briannas you can enjoy a different and tasteful salad each day. Everything lovely sealed with much pride in every bottle that comes to your family.